Being Grateful For Life December 22 2014

It’s come to the end of 2014.  Looking back at the last 12 months, it’s definitely been eventful.

In March, I took a break from the day job to start this website and develop the business full time, learning to manage my time, splitting between designing, making and marketing and all the administrative work.  Fulfilling? Yes. Stressful? Yes too. Would I trade it for another 9 months spent differently? Nope.

Despite the stress, and constantly having to convince people around me that I actually DO work at home (!!) , it was a learning time best experienced first hand. Nothing can to replace that journey, which will give me a deeper appreciation for the colleagues in the next cubicle.

Also in March, I went on a 2 week motorbike ride to Chiangmai in Northern Thailand sending off our friends who rode from Singapore to Sweden for breast cancer research. THAT was no mean feat! And I’m glad they returned safely 4 months later.


There were many things that didn’t turn out as I wished.  Like not keeping up with my schedule to get the daily tasks done, like reading too much but procrastinating in putting them into action, like buying a ton of supplies and taking forever to make them into finished products.


On the other hand, these are what I’m grateful for…

My hubby, who allowed me to leave a stable income to explore my life, and giving me a bigger space for my jewellery workbench. 

Friends who supported and encouraged me along the way 

Customers who left words of appreciation and came back for more of my jewellery

Fellow vendors of sales events who offered help generously and eventually became friends

Successful as well as failed experiments which taught me many lessons

For another year with a clean bill of health (more adventures!)

For fast and reliable wifi that we often take for granted

......What are you grateful for this year? :)

Next month (January), I will be traveling for 3 weeks…. The store will still remain open but orders will be shipped when I return at the end of the month. Till then, enjoy the festivities and have an awesome 2015!


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