About making jewellery and life

Hi, I’m Rosalind Ng and I live in Singapore. Jewellery making and motorbiking are two big loves of my life.

How I got started …

More often than not, it takes a life changing event to make people look at situations differently and consciously change their lives. Besides, what could make you think more, than weeks of staying home without internet? 

I was 26 when I found out I had breast cancer.  I decided that I wasn't going to wait for that “someday” to do all the things that I was interested in.  Procrastination is still my greatest guilt, but I keep reminding myself to go out and take action.  

I learnt jewellery making as a hobby through books and magazines. After a few years, I started selling them online and a whole new world unfolded. I love the feel of a handmade item as it is unique to the maker. It's not about creating a cookie-cutter item, because sometimes imperfection is beauty. The whole creation process is wonderfully therapeutic and it’s even more satisfying to hear from a customer after they've opened their package. 

Being positive is a choice

I choose being positive instead of envy or jealousy, so that my life can move forward.  You can't change the past, but you can choose your future.

Since recovery, I have motorbiked from Singapore to Everest Basecamp and Central Asia, embarked on an 8-day fundraising dirtbike ride across South Africa, climbed Mt Kinabalu in Borneo, and won medals in countless cancer survivor dragonboat regattas. These activities were possible because of my very supportive hubby (and best bud) who does not believe in “impossible”, and my dragonboat teammates who are breast cancer super "pink warriors". 

My jewellery, my life

I enjoy working with gold and silver wire, creating wire intricate designs with crystals and natural stones.  Sometimes I would be daydreaming and an idea would pop up and I've to get it down on paper right away.  My designs have evolved over the years, and will continue to do so as with my life.

When I first designed the Pink Ribbon Necklace for breast cancer awareness, I wanted it to be hand forged from wire. In the process of bending, hammering and filing, the metal becomes stronger. The ribbon was created slightly asymmetrical, with a bead on one side. Like many of us, our bodies have changed, we grow to accept our new form and become stronger in spirit as a result. 

Some of the comments left by my dear customers :

"I loved the personalization the seller gave me. They added a bead at no charge. Great customer service!!" - Valerie J - Washington, USA
"I am so absolutely enchanted with the unique but simple design you've created: distinct from the traditional awareness ribbon. Can't wait to receive, thank you!" - Leah H - Colorado, USA
"Had two beads put on for a 2 time cancer survivor, and she absolutely loved it! Very dainty and delicate, nicely packaged, and SUPER fast shipping!" – Michelle Z – California, USA

RANOLA means….

Ranola represents a new life. I like to think that I have changed for the better, and life is indeed good.  Ranola is about sharing, inspiring and motivating the ones you love.

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