The Beginning June 24 2014

Hi! Welcome to my new website. It’s my first post and it took so long to get this site ‘live’. Whether it's being a perfectionist or analysis-paralysis, everything’s got to look right before I present it to the world. Thank you so much for taking time to visit! Your comments mean so much to me. :)

My life is made up of motorbiking with hubby, jewellery making and getting pinked up for dragonboat activities. You can read more in my About page.

When I picked up jewellery making, I never thought that it would consume my life so much. I love to try new stuff, so I experimented different techniques and styles. Some pieces do not get a place in my shop, but they are sold at local craft shows here in Singapore where I get to test out new ideas.

What this blog is set out to do… is to provide encouragement for people who are facing some personal issues in life. Maybe it’s an illness, depression, family problems… Whatever it may be, I hope they can look forward to the rainbow after the storm.

Do share this post if you feel someone can benefit from this.

And here's something from an amazing person I admire:

"Life isn't always easy, but when we overcome challenges we become stronger and more grateful for our opportunities. What really matters are the lives you touch along the way and how you finish your journey." Life Without Limits, Nick Vujicic

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