Butterflies and such September 17 2014

Custom orders are like riddles. You’re limited only by your imagination.

It was by chance that I opened myself to custom orders some years back. Someone requested for a special necklace and I worked on it for a few days, sending drafts back and forth several times, before coming up with a design that conveyed her idea, while being wearable and balanced aesthetically.

The best part of getting a custom order is challenging my skills to make something I’ve never done before. Sometimes it involves exploring new techniques, or rehashing an old project to make something new. Another beautiful part is learning new things about people, and what some symbols mean to them. There is so much information out there, but until someone tells her story through a personal experience, it could just pass you by without making an impact.

Recently, I made a butterfly necklace for Thyroid cancer awareness. Butterflies are beautiful, and to me they represent metamorphosis - developing from a caterpillar to a pair of colourful fluttering wings. They are symbols of hope, new beginnings and transformation.

How did butterflies link with thyroid cancer? I later found out that the shape of the thyroid gland is shaped like a butterfly!

Photo credit: www.abc.net.au


And so, after designing the Butterfly necklace, I went on to make a matching bracelet. The pink, blue and teal beads are also colours representing the same cause.


Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Awareness Necklace

Over the years, I’ve had clients sharing their personal stories, or how someone close has been recently diagnosed. It’s really a great feeling to be able to help and encourage them through my jewellery. Two things that seem so unrelated, but tied together by a cause.

I’m thankful for these wonderful people, who have trusted me to make a memorable piece of work for them. Thank you for letting me be part of your lives.


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