Love... don't wait July 29 2014 3 Comments

It’s hard to write about anything else when the news is filled with killings and air plane tragedies. 3 airline crashes in one week is too much for the world to bear. I feel sad for the families and friends of the victims and wish their pain would ease with time. For most of us, reading about it from afar, nothing can help us understand what those directly affected are feeling right now.

We all want peace, but we are embarrassed to say we want “World Peace”. (It’s Ms Congeniality’s fault).  We say we love our families, but we hardly show it through actions because we are so busy or are caught up with daily routine. Why? If you knew that there is no tomorrow, would it change the way you lived today?

Here’s a little love story.

Yesterday, 28th July 2014 marked my 14th wedding anniversary. My hubby Seung is a man of many ideas. A year after my mastectomy, I was due for my reconstructive surgery and he was there with my parents when I checked in to the hospital. He was acting normal, just asking if I wanted him to bring any magazines or snacks when he came back later.

But he had secretly brought along a technical drawing ruler and handed it to the medical staff (also our good friend). Once I was wheeled in to the operating room and passed out from the anaesthesia, she slipped my ring finger into the different sized cut outs. With that ruler and a surgical tape stuck on to indicate my finger size, he went off to order the engagement ring. Needless to say, the ring fitted perfectly when he proposed a few weeks later! This is a story I relate with pride to my friends. :)


Here's the ruler still stuck with the surgical tape, kept safely for 14 years…

Our love story was featured in the now defunct women’s magazine Vanilla in February 2008 on how he has supported me in my journey. Here’s my favourite photo from the shoot.

It’s a gift to be able to show and receive love.  When you're a giver, don't hesitate to say it and show it.  And if you're a receiver, and are fortunate to have people going out of their way to help you, learn to accept it with grace and not feel bad.  If it were "too much trouble" for that person, he or she wouldn't have offered the help in the first place!

So don’t put it aside for another day…

And, I do want world peace.


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